somewhere dot com

I’ve been playing with the new, shiny, social, work-oriented, doo-dah at  and I really like it.

The good thing for me is that it accepts me the way I am.  It doesn’t try to put me in any pigeon-holes, there are no drop-down boxes or categories for me to fill in, I don’t have to make up a job description or deal with out-dated assumptions about how work works.

It’s a kind of microblog about my work.  I post (create “sparks” in the lingo) either to “Share Your Work” – which asks me “What are you working on right now?”  or else I can answer a seemingly endless stream of questions such as “How do you communicate with your team?” or “Where would you love to work?”.

A spark has a maximum of 250 characters and it *must* also contain an image (from your HD, flickr, instagram or FB).

You can follow people and “like” sparks.  You can include @users and #tags and hyperlinks in a spark if you’ve enough room.

It’s building up an interesting portfolio of the stuff I do and most importantly it helps me share my process as much as my products – which is great for those times when there’s a whole load of process going on, but seemingly no product.  That helps me remember that I am still working, and it keeps others aware of the things that go on in the background, things that I might not normally share because they’re not “ready” or “finished”.

So I commend it to you.  Have a look at my profile to see the sorts of things I’ve done with it.  I’m a big fan of Austin Kleon’s work too and he has a page here.  You’ll need to join in order to follow and like and post yourself, but it’s invite-only (I have some invite codes, so drop me a line if you can’t wait to jump in there).