Resistance loves distraction – there are so  many other things to think about, read about, talk about rather than sit down at the page and write something useful.  But one anti-resistance trick is to write a little bit about resistance, at least that gets all my fingers on the keyboard at the same time and pulls me towards getting some thinking flowing in a unified direction.  So in case any of them haven’t occurred to you and you’d like to  pick them  up yourself, my current distractions are (in just any old order):

  • Donald Trump and the US Election;
  • The referendum – the manipulation of national discourse (because this is what the whole thing is really it seems to me – one big exercise in distraction and misdirection, and we’ve fallen for it.);
  • A political assassination in the UK;
  • Those people who are going to vote for D Trump and Brexit and how different they are from anyone I think I know;
  • Impending doom;
  • TheDAO and people’s reaction to it going tits up;
  • The weather, although today’s been quite nice most of the time;
  • My weight, health, baldness, beard-length;
  • Preacher and Halt & Catch Fire plus the dearth of anything good on Netflix;
  • Weariness over the effort it takes to get paid sometimes;
  • Not having done the washing up yet;
  • Wondering… about stuff…
  • Worrying about what this list reveals about me.

OK.  Let’s see if that helped.



3 thoughts on “Distractions”

  1. Hmm. I now know more about the DAO and, getting to the end of your list, am reminded that I haven’t done the washing up yet either.

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