Bristol and Birmingham in January: Help needed please

Hello and Happy New Year!

This is an asking for help post.  I’ve got a bit of a tickly cough otherwise this would have been a vlog.

I’ve got two things to do in January outside London, which I’d like help filling out with other stuff.

Birmingham: I’m very pleased to be co-facilitating a conference about unconferences alongside Dan Slee which is one of the outcomes of the academic work I contributed to last year.  It’s all day on Friday 20th and obvs if you’re in Birmingham or thereabouts you should come along.  It’s a paid gig but rather than rush up and back down again, I’d love to take the opportunity to do something else around Brum in the week before (or maybe the week after) – so have a quick think (and maybe look at the video below about what I do) and let me know if it sparks mutually beneficial ideas.

Bristol: The annual Devoted and Disgruntled open space is the weekend before that 14th-16th and it’s in Bristol.  Now I don’t have a paid gig to hang this off but I’d really like to go.  It’s not an expensive thing but it does all add up so if there were something I could do in the Brizzle-ish area that might pay my train fare and cover or include accommodation, that would be peachy.

These are the main things I do, but you might have seen something else in my repertoire that tickles your fancy.  My fees are always reasonable and flexible!

PS Oh yes, house gigs are a definite possibility – I’ve got a bundle of new songs that I wrote at the end of last year as well as the usual ukulele bufoonery.

PPS If you’re not in Bristol or Birmingham but you’d still like to me to come and do something, don’t be shy!