Blog Club: Six things I hate about Headlines

Birmingham Evening Mail, Moonday July 21st 1969

So yeah, hate might be a bit strong but we’ve been talking this morning about titles for blog posts. You’ll remember that last week we fired off as many headlines as we could. Today we’ve talked about crafting them a bit more.

My things are:

  • It’s one of those things again that falls too quickly into conversations about SEO and “making” people read your shit.
  • I tend to be too clever about it – the post rarely lives up to the anticipation.
  • If I can’t think of anything to write, then just writing a headline can get me started.
  • Sometimes it’s just a placeholder for getting me writing. I will often come back and edit the title after I’ve finished the post.
  • If you look back, you’ll see that I often include twitter handles – this means that when it gets automatically shared the person I mention sees it in their mentions.
  • Six things I hate about… is a lazy, innacurate and more likely to make people skip over it anyway.

4 thoughts on “Blog Club: Six things I hate about Headlines”

  1. I sometimes include Twitter handles. And then edit the post immediately. Otherwise it looks odd…!

  2. I’m disappointed by the lack of hate here. The anticipation of the headline has let me down! 😉

  3. There are people out there who are too much obssessed about keywords in their headlines. They would use software for analyzing how “SEO friendly” their headlines are. What they don’t realize is that they are “SEO friendly” for a reason – there are already many popular articles out there with that similar headlines. Unless if they can write contents that are a lot higher quality than the existing ones, then they won’t be able to outrank them in searches… So, unless of wasting time worrying about making a “SEO friendly” headlines, they’re better off just focus on writing contents that provide value.

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