Election Daze: Help Us Find Venues

The process for setting up events is a bit chicken and egg so you have to start somewhere.

We only have six and a bit weeks so it will have to work pragmatically rather than most efficiently or elegantly.  The main criterion is “Are You Outside London?”  If you are and you’d like us to do an event in your town, can you secure use of a suitable venue (see below) on a specific date between 2nd May and 6th June?  If you can, let’s book it in and build the rest of the programme around it like that.  There are places I’d love to get to but I will commit first to those that we can make work quickly, easily and cheaply.

The spec for a space is:

  • room for ~100 people with enough chairs for everyone to sit down (think at least a large church hall but also community centres, theatres, coworking spaces etc.);
  • a couple of tables;
  • walls we can stick paper to (agenda; flipcharts; notices etc);
  • WIFI (this is *really* important);
  • easy tea/coffee/water;
  • accessible for people with disabilities;
  • near good public transport;
  • free of charge or very cheap.

I would strongly prefer to do a full day from 10am-5.30pm but am open to shorter evening sessions if that’s all we can do or that’s most appropriate for local people especially if I can do other stuff locally during the day.

And do you have somewhere I can stay overnight either before or after?

Get in touch even if you can only fill part of these requirements.  Thank you!