Wake Up!


This is a bit of a filler to say that I’m intending to be writing here again more. I’ve been blogging over on Steemit the blockchain-based blogging platform where you get paid in cryptocurrency for writing, commenting and curating and I’ll still be over there, but because of the market-like nature of it, it doesn’t feel like the space to be doing free-form, rapid-fire blogging like nobody’s reading, at least not all day every day. I’m going to use this place to get my thinking going about a few things which will probably feed into Steemit and perhaps Medium too when they’re a bit more polished.

So yeah, this is just a heads-up and halloo to anyone still subscribed via WordPress.com, e-mail or good ol’ RSS letting you know to run for the hills now (or just unsubscribe) if you aren’t interested in a daily-ish ping from me in this form.