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Dressing Up Dogs: Right or Wrong?

Regular readers will remember Ms Debbie Davies who used to hang around the Perfect Path making snowmen and feeding the ducks. She was last seen here being stalked by Clangers.

Oh, but now she’s got a sensible job – helping people make videos like this one for

mintyDo go along and have your say on the hottest debate of the century so far. Should Minty The Pug (pictured) have to wear these ridiculous outfits? Are pugs about as close to humans as you can get? Go! Don’t leave your asinine comments here, take them with you and deposit them on’s doorstep, then set them on fire and ring the doorbell, they’ll come out and stamp on your comments to put the fire out only to find that they’ve got your words, burnt, all over their shoes.

Down the frog & toad

P3140133I try to make out that I don’t care about animals. I casually take the mickey out of Gia for her cat blog I have to admit it’s really because I’m a big softy and can’t bear to get too involved with the little darlings.

So I was lost this evening when I came across this little fella in St George’s Square, just outside Pimlico School. He was just hopping across the pavement and I could neither encourage him to hop back into the School nor very effectively keep him out of the road where he wanted to go and would undoubtedly be squished. I told him to go and stand by the wall and keep away from people’s feet, but I’m worried that next time I go out there there’ll be toad guts all over the place.