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Kickstart these please: @philcampbell @debbiedavies @monkchips

I’ve been through four crowd-funding campaigns myself now. It’s not an experience I would heartily recommend to friends, although I think a lot more learning has been done now about what works. I was, at times, turned into a link-spouting push-marketer of the worst kind, but I also got to do some cool stuff and was glad to have involved a large group of people in helping make things happen and I learned a lot about the actual value and perceived value of my work.

That aside, I see three of my pals engaged in the closing stages of their campaigns and I suggest you have a look and see if there’s anything there that floats your boat. They’re all fun and worthy of support in my view – I present them here in closing date order – if you can give them all a fiver it would make me smile and make some goodness happen in various bits of the world. Thankyou.

Phil Campbell wants to put social-software enabled plasma screens in independent retailers in Nottingham, from cake shops to barbers and it’s all open-source based on Raspberry Pi.

closes just after midnight UK time on Friday 24th/Saturday 25th.

Debbie Davies will be taking an interactively-illuminating spaceship to Burning Man 2013. I have actually sat on some of the timber she’s going to use to build it!

closes just *before* midnight UK time on Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th.

James Governor is turning an old warehouse into the Shoreditch Village Hall providing a focal point for the startup community – there are plenty of places to hangout or work in Shoreditch but most have some corporate agenda – this one’s for the folk.

closes late on Friday June 7th UK time.

macro works too

I’ve asked a number of people to write recommendations for me on linked-in – it’s been a(nother) humbling experience to see myself as others see me.

This snip from Dave Briggs has grabbed a few folks’ attention:

“Lloyd has the bravery to make himself and his life an integral part of his work. He literally lives and breathes this stuff. If I had lots of money, I would give a pile of it to Lloyd to just carry on being him. You should, too.”

So if you’ve avoided micropatronage so far because it’s just not big enough, listen to Dave 😉

You can see my linked-in profile here

Yet Another Year

Lloyd DavisOh blimey, I seem to have turned fourty-four. It just makes me laugh again. My practice today is to see deeply that the numbers mean nothing – not that I’m unaffected by it, but that it carries no meaning, no weight.

I had fun today. I tried to keep up with all the Happy Birthdays that came my way by mail, twitter, facebook, plaxo (!) but was unable to say thank you directly. So thank you all again, indirectly for making the effort to say hello, it means a lot to me. I had a slow-starting day, then lunch with Katherine in Soho, then I went and took part in #twitpanto – so much to be written about that, it was an anthropological treasure trove. Then I went shopping and came home with enough wii-related goodies (yes inc. wii-fit) to keep me chortling over the next few days. Spent the evening with the kids – ribs and chops (no wings today) telly and present wrapping stuff.

I have a wonderful life. I’ve found something to enjoy in every day this year and I have so many lovely people to be grateful for.

So thank(s for) you.

Photo: cc-by Annie Mole on Flickr