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The Enemy Within

I’ve been talking about the “enemy within” since the time of the Brexit vote but the same thing applies to the current themes in American politics. My first reaction to these authoritarian men who whip up populist support at the cost of anyone who’s a little bit different is anger and hatred. And then I realise that I’m falling into the same trap. The trick I’ve learned is to acknowledge and accept that I’m just the same in some ways, that I’m equally capable of being hateful, divisive and fearful but one day at a time, I try to be a better person than that. If I can love and accept the enemy within and turn him into art, I reduce the power of the enemy without to disturb my peace. That’s the theory anyway.

This song came to me while walking down Pentonville Road this afternoon. I was out for a walk in Islington and passed by Joseph Grimaldi’s grave. I thought about writing a song called “They’ve put a clown in the White House” but the muse nudged that one aside for another day and you’ve got this instead. People talk about the muse whispering in your ear, it really was just like that, I couldn’t wait to sit down and write it out and record it the old cowboy tune “Red River Valley”.

Let’s just keep breathing and loving each other as well as we can.