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Oli Barrett’s Whistlestop Tour 2008

One of Oli Barrett’s favourite things is to get that initial buzz and release of energy when you meet someone new. He’s also terrifically passionate about entrepreneurship, especially among young people – remember Make you Mark with a Tenner?

To give a kick start to Global Entrepreneurship Week, which starts on 17th November he’s off on a worldwhide Whistlestop tour over the next three weeks, running his famous speed networking events with his equally famous speednetworking whistle across 12 countries to talk entrepreneurship around the globe. By the way, if you’ve ever done a speed networking slot with me, you’ll know how much fun this can be – but Oli is the man who taught me everything I know.

I grabbed a few minutes with him this morning at his launch do in Covent Garden.

All the details are at the Unleashing Ideas site and I’ve given him strict instructions to blog and tweet as much as he can.

You’ll find pictures on the flickr stream for unleashingideas
Video will be on the unleashingideas YouTube account and Oli will be twittering as theWeek

Keep an eye out for his stuff as he bounds around the globe – and especially if you know anyone in Mexico City or Santiago, Chile that could help Oli out, give him a shout on oli@unleashingideas.org