Back to the grindstone

A lovely lunch with the delightful Suw Charman (and several thousand OAPs it seemed) at the Tate Britain cafe.

We shared a lot about the trials and tribs of being a poor down-trodden self-employed consultant: clients from hell (present employers/prospects excepted of course!); fees that hardly pay for lunch; but most of all the difficulty of being the sort of person for whom life is about carefully choosing a new jar of hot chocolate, taking the lid of with anticipation building, and ponk-ing the seal (with or without the aid of a teaspoon)as opposed to the boring day-to-day warm and tasty beverage making.

It was particularly nice for me to be able to relax and think of nice things that Suw could do instead of playing my usual role in such lunches of going “pleeeeeeeez heeeeeelp meeeeeeee”.