A departure now from the podwalking. I will certainly keep them up – perhaps a weekly feature, but this really is my weblog and it should be at least as much about what I’m doing and thinking as about exploring new technologies.

So here are a couple of audioblogs from this week – I’m still walking in the street talking to myself (!) but I’m concentrating more on what I’m thinking than about what I can see and hear.

So here’s something from Monday and Tuesday No photos, but some shownotes of sorts for those who don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention:

David Weinberger and his after dinner speech
flickr my bookmarks at
The Dawn and Drew Show (Not Safe for Work or sensitive souls!)
Adam Curry and his Daily Source Code
Madge Weinstein (Definitely not safe for work)

Feedback strongly encouraged.

Podwalk 3

Another walk (well it starts off with a bus ride!) this time from Chelsea to Victoria Station
As before there is an accompanying flickr photoset at with the tag podwalk003.

I’m also trying out the “Liberated Syndication” podcast storage facilility at which gives me 250mb of space and unlimited bandwidth for just more than a fiver a month (thanks to the weak dollar) Let me know if there’s any noticable difference in download times or reliability.

If you’d like to send me your own audio comment you can do so at lloyd DOT davis AT gmail DOT com

Happy walk-listening!