Blogs in Action from Six Apart

Suw Charman pauses from transcription Suw looked up long enough for my camera to capture her, but the rest of the time she was clearly tapping away.

Johnnie Moore, Minkmedia , Luke Razzell and Connected Blog(with pictures) have all covered the Blogs in Action seminar at the Polish Club, courtesy of Six Apart & Nokia last night too.

All the panel had very cool, interesting stuff to say, but John Dale blogmeister for Warwick University came over, as others have noted, as the star turn of the evening.

John Dale wows 'em

I’m with Johnnie though on the style and format of the seminar – I thought the panel was great, I really enjoyed listening to them, but I’d have loved to have more chance to hear what others had to say and to engage in conversation with them. There are industries and communities where a top table talking to the crowd and revealing their arcane mysteries to the great unwashed is appropriate, but the blog world is much more democratic and is decentralized by its very nature – this form just didn’t work, for me, last night.

My frustration was exacerbated of course by my recent personal injury which meant that after two hours of sitting still, with a sore face and a numb bum, the last thing I felt up to was what Suw called “speed-mingling”. But even had I been 100%, I would have found a more interactive evening even more stimulating.

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