Act Naturally

ppvb050827OK, so it’s back to first post and suck time. Almost one year into this blog and you get your first opportunity to see me in moving pictures. Having been interviewed by the beeb already this week, I guess I’ve just got the bug, I’ve got to be in front of a camera daahlink.

In this opening episode, Lloyd gets to find out that he looks like sh*t, that his eyebrows look like hairy caterpillars and he has Austin Powers teeth. He also finds the one face that he should never, ever, pull in public, unless he wants to be shot.

Maybe this will be a one off, maybe it will continue – you’ll have to keep tuning in to see.

Also, I don’t know if all of this will work at all in a blogpost, so be patient with me, luvs. [update: ok, it works for me in IE, but Firefox insists on treating it as a text file. Tell me gently what I’m doing wrong, please. Ta.]

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8 thoughts on “Act Naturally”

  1. Good beginning.

    Now get out there, interview all those great people you run into and post them.

    We’re right here waiting!


  2. sheesh – it’s Sunday afternoon in the middle of a Bank Holiday weekend – everyone else on the internet is asleep! Have patience, all good things come to those who wait.

    I do run into great people don’t I? I’ll have to see what I can do this week.

  3. Hey, its still just past the crack of dawn here on America’s left bank. We’re barely into our first Starbucks.

    Hop over and video Neville Hobson as he struggles with MT 3.2.

    I need some content so I don’t have to do any work myself!

  4. That’s okay mate, we’re all getting on a bit. . .the hair starts to thin, the teeth go tan–by the way, Austin Power teeth? I thought they were the standard British Tea Stained Issue. . . .Me, I’ve got a face built for podcasting.
    Great to see you constantly pushing the envelope through any letterbox it will go. . . .When’s the cameo on Little Britain 3?

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  6. It’s five-and-twenty to Whitsun and fatboy Lloyd Davis is getting ready to commit a variety of petty offences involving peach melba, a gooseberry fool and several large sticks of rhubarb….

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