Hive Networks – Alexei Blinov

Hive NetworksAt the Science Museum’s Danacentre (nice space)for the Future Wireless event by Cybersalon & OpenSpectrumUK listening to Alexei Blinov and James Stevens talking about Hive Networks putting together a DIY infrastructure – an open backbone (sounds painful)

According to the Hive Networks wiki “Hive Networks” is a cross-disciplinary research and development project into embedded devices and ubiquitous networked computing, defined as ‘multi-faceted transformative devices’ – tools that enable users to manage space, time and the boundaries around the self in new and previously unthinkable ways

So Alexei is now talking about getting ordinary people connected, almost without them knowing, like his mother listening to the radio in the kitchen.

One of his favourite devices is this one which I’d love to understand better, but I’ve got to leave for lunch!

Each device is supposed to run a particular function, to provide a particular service on the network. This box runs lots of services. Trying to weave a network around human behaviour rather than making humans change to interact with the network. Errrr go read the wiki.