Liquid Trust – doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin

Most comment spam on this site gets deleted within a few hours of posting (that’s because I’m very rarely unconnected for that long!) It’s also usually either a generic comment like “Nice Site! Keep up the hard work! Meanwhile you might be interested in…” or else it’s completely irrelevant. However, I thought I’d share the following bit that came through this morning attached to the previous post about Zeldin, Conversation and building trust.

It comes from a nice person called Steve with this e-mail address:

“Try some Liquid Trust!

I found that a great way to gain people’s trust is with a product called Liquid Trust. It is a spray that makes people trust you! Trust me, it works! You can get it here: “

oops, I seem to have lost the link in copying across just before I hit the delete button on this SPAM