Liquid Trust – doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin

Most comment spam on this site gets deleted within a few hours of posting (that’s because I’m very rarely unconnected for that long!) It’s also usually either a generic comment like “Nice Site! Keep up the hard work! Meanwhile you might be interested in…” or else it’s completely irrelevant. However, I thought I’d share the following bit that came through this morning attached to the previous post about Zeldin, Conversation and building trust.

It comes from a nice person called Steve with this e-mail address:

“Try some Liquid Trust!

I found that a great way to gain people’s trust is with a product called Liquid Trust. It is a spray that makes people trust you! Trust me, it works! You can get it here: “

oops, I seem to have lost the link in copying across just before I hit the delete button on this SPAM

7 thoughts on “Liquid Trust – doesn’t quite do what it says on the tin”

  1. Like Liquid Love, and Liquid Courage I fear Liquid Trust is fleeting in its effect. Singa9876 must use a lot of his spray on himself.

  2. Hi Lloyd!
    I’m hunting an old frien. Have a long time I don´t see him. His name is Lloyd Jonson and his family is from Wordchester. If you are, send me. If aren’t, sorry. So,sorry my bad english, because I´m from Brazil.

  3. Hey! I know someone called Lloyd from England, too. Do you know him??! 😉

    Years ago I met an old guy named Joe in Primrose Hill in London. He said, ‘You’re American… I’ve got two daughters that live in America, maybe you know them.’
    ‘It’s a very big place, you know.’ I was trying not to make him feel stupid.
    ‘They live in California,’ he persisted.
    ‘I’ve never been to California. I’m sure I don’t know them.’ I’m always amazed how Europeans can’t quite grasp the size of the US.
    ‘Well, maybe you do know them. Their names are Joan and Jackie….’
    ‘Collins. Joan and Jackie Collins.’
    “…Oh! I *do* know who they are actually!’
    ‘I thought you might.’ Joe Collins was a sweet guy…

  4. Good article, I use this liquid trust as well. I purchase it from buy oxytocin I have never had a problem with the product they supply except that potency is rather low. Although I believe everyone stocking liquid trust has low potency.

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