Online Information 2005

I’m speaking next week at Online Information, the huge VNU information management conference and show at Olympia. I’m going to be speaking on wikis in a session on Wednesday led off by Jimbo Wales. So, nervous and unconfident about what I’m going to have to say to add to the wisdom of His Worshipful Wikipedianess? Ha! Moi?

I’ve titled my presentation Why Wiki? Breaking barriers and Building bridges I shall probably blog a little more about it on the conference blog – but I shall be talking about the need that wikis fill – the collaboration imperative in the knowledge economy and showing how wikis have wider applications than the online reference book (however fabulous they may be).

I shall be taking the opportunity though, while I’m hanging around Olympia and have a speaker’s pass, to do as much live-blogging, podcasting and videoblogging as I can manage without in-room wifi (it’s in the lobby apparently). So be prepared for the usual spurts of binge-bloggery. The blogs and wikis stream will be fun, but I’m also looking forward to David Weinberger‘s opening keynote.

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  1. I wish that the Government Department I work for, which shall remain nameless, would use Wikis for collaborative writing. If they’re good enough to write national constitutions, then they’re good enough for preparing cross-cutting briefings or papers. The version control and tracking alone would make a Wiki more effective than any of the systems currently in place…

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