[Les Blogs II] Attack of the microlunches

Image(230)Image(229)Image(228)OK, so how come there are any fat french people at all? Today for the second day, no part of lunch is bigger than my thumb (except those skewered fishy things which are longer than my thumb, but a lot thinner. And what’s with wine at lunch? Does the french bloggers’ union insist on it or something?

Well today, I brought my own, that’ll stop me falling asleep this afternoon. That and Marc Canter singing & Ben Hammersley whirling around in his utilikilt.


[Les Blogs II]Mena Trott

Look out Ben!
[I feel the need to put this post straight a little. The following two paragraphs are not my view, I was one of those who disagreed with the tone and substance of Mena’s speech, and I was active in the backchannel before and after (my handle was perfectpath – you can see what I said), but while she was actually speaking I was writing the two paragraphs in the live-blogging style I’ve adopted before – so they’re now in quotes.

I’m writing something about civility and my experience of this episode to post later but this post is getting so much traffic from tara’s post that I thought it worth clarifying.]

“Mena knows that bloggers have a lot to say and we’re always looking for what they’re saying so the best way to be found is to have a strong voice online. But this has it’s ups and downs. If it bleeds, it leads can work wonders for your google ranking, but it has it’s dangers.”

“Civility and blogging – so finding an attitude of civility in blogging is difficult, but can we as bloggers be more civil? Someone will criticize Mena today – it’s just a part of what she does. What she’s really scared about is the IRC backchannel – it’s disturbing – you see things there that you’d never say to people’s face. The difference is that blogging is much more permanent. This is one of the reasons people are afraid of bloggers.”

“Jeremy Zawodny & the KTA spam episode” – OK this is where I zoned out. I felt like I was being told to be nice but more worryingly *how* to be nice and I don’t like that.

Oooh then it got hairy when Mena didn’t like being talked about on the backchannel and got into a skirmish with Ben (yeah, not that Ben, our Ben)

FrankMaarten Schenk has video yeah, who is Frank anyway?

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