[Les Blogs II] Attack of the microlunches

Image(230)Image(229)Image(228)OK, so how come there are any fat french people at all? Today for the second day, no part of lunch is bigger than my thumb (except those skewered fishy things which are longer than my thumb, but a lot thinner. And what’s with wine at lunch? Does the french bloggers’ union insist on it or something?

Well today, I brought my own, that’ll stop me falling asleep this afternoon. That and Marc Canter singing & Ben Hammersley whirling around in his utilikilt.


7 thoughts on “[Les Blogs II] Attack of the microlunches”

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  2. Wine is very usual at lunch in France, in fact, you’ll find wine at every buffet you’ll go. But eh, France the country of wine… :p So it’s a kind of cultural thing.

  3. Me thinks the blogger protests too much. . . .perhaps the wine is a necessary antidote to whatever is on those skewers. I can see there is a serious need for the Podchef’s catering skills at these blogger meetups.
    But in France? I think they’re relying on the wine to numb the palate. . . .

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