Girl Geek Dinner #3

girl geek dinner 08Ahhhhhhhh I’ve emerged from hibernation!

And the first thing I did (after showering off the dead skin and brushing my teeth 65 times) was toddle off to the Texas Embassy for the third London Girl Geek Dinner organised by top hot totty Sarah Blow.

As usual, I slurped my supper down in record time and then went round recording people with their mouths full, before the open mic session which worked really well – Thanks to Rachel, Bill, Katy, Jen and Sarah for sharing your various views of geekdom with us. A recording of that session will be up next.

Lovely, as ever, to see Sarah, Adriana, and Rachel C, nice to meet Joy, Juliet, Jamie, Jen, Miranda, Sofia K and Rachel J, sorry I didn’t get to talk in depth to anyone else – and I’m not going to mention the boys by name as they really shouldn’t have been there – don’t they know there’s only room for one girl-geek-guy?

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7 thoughts on “Girl Geek Dinner #3”

  1. Welcome back! And what a way to come out of hibernation–Whay Hay! Hope all is well. . . .what do I mean? Your cruising around rooms full of women, and your wife lets you . . .All the best.

  2. Neal, heh – we call her “the first Mrs Davis” now – I do all the cruising I like.

    Lucie, yes, I live, I kick, and I owe you an e-mail (at least)

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