All this…and brains too!

Debbie DaviesOK – so the first of my new projects to see the light of day (your luminescence may vary) is called “All this…and brains too!” and you can find it down at: for the time being.

Euan said, in response to the shampoo/shower extravaganza, “Lloyd Davis is either a genius or a nutter. I’m not sure myself which…” well my life is all about finding that out but I doubt I’ll reach any final conclusion (except the obvious final conclusion that comes to us all)

All this… is just a little bit more evidence to help you to make your own minds up. Genius or nutter??? You decide.

I’m joined in this new enterprise by Debbie Davies, multi-talented TV producer/actress/writer/interviewer/erstwhile international arms-dealer and all-round laugh-and-a-half.

Debbie’s working with me on the commercial video-based projects I’ve got cooking, but we decided that we needed to do something a bit lighter too (is this light enough for ya?!).

For regular subscribers to Perfect Path here’s the first episode for your podcatching delight. In future, please point your equipment in the direction of

Oh yeah – and there’s a Paypal tip jar button – please use it, however humbly you may appreciate our little offerings. No contribution too small (although having said that, as small as 37p might only just cover the Paypal fees!)

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