Too busy?

I saw people say “I’m too busy to blog” in the past and scoffed.

How can you be too busy to blog?!?! Well I have been – even too busy to answer my e-mail properly or even respond to text messages from dear friends. So what’s going on?

Well, it started at Les Blogs II. In a low-blood sugar stupor something clicked inside me and I thought “Why are we spending so much time, talking about sooooooo little?” Sadly I didn’t get much further than this and spent most of December not blogging or doing much at all – hibernating while it all got sorted out in my head. And then I went to the Girl Geek Dinner and got my podcasting trousers on again and something started to shift.

I can only articulate this now in retrospect, but what I think I realised was that I was spending way too much energy talking about what we have done with social media and what we might be able to do with it and not nearly enough time really developing those ideas and actually doing it.

What I remembered from the great podcast explosion back in ‘ought-five is that this stuff is fun to give and fun to receive. People like what I do – so I’m going to do more. Ironically of course, because I’ve been doing so much chatting, plotting and scribbling in notebooks that I’ve neglected the writing here on Perfect Path.

Well it’s the path that’s perfect, not the baldy git who’s walking it.

So I started talking to other people about the projects that have been formulating in my imagination over the last little while. Projects that have made me giggle with anticipation when I think about them just before going off to sleep. I’m going to be revealing more about these projects over the next days and weeks but I can assure regular readers/listeners/viewers that if you liked the podwalks, conference blogging and the G-room videoblog from last year, you’re going to love what’s coming up…

Hasta la vista, babies!

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