Joanna King at Blogging4Business

If video doesn’t play please download it here

I’d had some contact with Joanna before because I did a slot on blogging for IDM at Internetworld last year. I’m hoping that her experience here will feed through into other events that IDM get involved in. Of course I’d love to help in any way I can! If you want to see more of this kind of stuff Joanna, do come along on May 17th

Bizarre synchronicity point: As I was about to cross the road to go into my flat yesterday afternoon, Joanna came jogging by with her sister Michelle. She wasn’t sure if I recognised her, but I assured her that I’d been looking at video of her a lot. I worry that this slightly freaked Michelle out. Just to put your mind at rest, Michelle, I’m not stalking your sister, I just made this video when we met at a conference 🙂

Next time you’re passing, ladies, do drop in for a cup of tea. [OK, I admit it, now I’m getting a bit stalky]

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