All shiny and new again


Originally uploaded by Lloyd Davis.

So after much mithering and slothful procrastination, I got round to upgrading to MT 3.2 this weekend. The top motivation was to re-enable my lovely friends to comment easily as this has been increasingly difficult over the last few months. The spam was getting through, but friends were not – and this isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

Hopefully things can start buzzing again now – do let me know (as if you wouldn’t) if you get shut out by the spaminator.

4 thoughts on “All shiny and new again”

  1. There once was a blogging bloke named Lloyd
    whose blog by spam was destroyed
    he set out to protect it
    but all of his friends were rejected
    by the spam blocking methods Lloyd employed.

  2. That excellent blogger has won!
    By updating his blog he’s begun–
    His friends can get in,
    But will the Spam Win?
    For Lloyd to have his place in the Sun.

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how easier things are. Hardly any spam is getting through (I used to have a mailbox full every now and then of notifications of another trackback about XXX-adol or something) and you’ve been able to do two in one day.

    Btw did you get your head looked at when you fell off the bike – some of that scansion is stretching it a bit! 🙂

  4. I think the scansion is rough because of the pain meds. . . .For the first day or two all I could do is speak in Rhyming couplets. I then progressed to metre Iambic, but only every third sentance.

    I think the limericks are finally working their way out of my system. I am so glad I didn’t start speaking esperanto like the last time I fell on my head. . . . Only I don’t know which is worse to understand Esperanto or Nazdrovian?

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