See how this goes

Well, I’ve been without access to my blog (and more importantly, so have YOU!) for more than a week now.  I’m not impressed by UK2’s service basically leaving a “maintenance page” up, not really responding to the service ticket I raised beyond acknowledging it.  Now this morning, I got a 403 error when trying to get to so I’ve taken the plunge and redirected to this place for the time being.  (even the redirect doesn’t work properly)  This is a shame as I’ve had at least two years of uninterrupted service from them so far, but when it goes pear-shaped it turns out to be avocado.  Yuk!

2 thoughts on “See how this goes”

  1. Welcome Back to the world of the Published! There might be static, and a disoriented homepage, but you’re coming through loud and clear!

    When life gives you avacadoes–make guacamole! or roll an RSS feed you can redirect no matter which blog goes down. . . .

    Now, roving citizen journo Lloyd needs to roam on over to UK2, camera and mic in hand and find out why they have censored you.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Will give you a call soon.

    Plans for the one-man-media-empire haven’t come to fruition yet. Wasn’t able to buy kit in New York.

    Speak soon.


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