Social Tools and their business applications

stowe boydThanks to Abelone who pointed out that we should be doing more showing and less telling.

In that spirit, let me show you some of the things that I was talking about in my presentation at the Unicom conference this morning…

First off – objects of sociability. Here are some things that let you get to see me in a richer way and get to know me online. So OK, let’s get this one out of the way – g-room shampoo shower scene – nuff said.

Here’s my youtube channel you can see everything I produce in public coming through – subscribe if you like what you see.

Here’s my flickr photostream and here it is in RSS format

If you’re interested in what I read through RSS everyday, you can see my public subscription list for bloglines

And the photos from this geek dinner show you what a variety of views you can get to see through tags in flickr.

Here’s a public example of a conference I’ve participated in – it has pre-conference podcasts, pictures, posts and videos from the day – on this occasion we also provided podcasting services, but those were held back for participants only.

Less event focused but in a similar vein, we contributed a lot of content to the consultation site on the Government’s proposed Creative & Media Diploma for 14-19 year olds