Aaah hasn’t he got a lovely simile?

Note to self: Cut back on the similes or make sure you explain them fully.

What I said was:

“Blogs are *like* having your own newspaper”
“Podcasts are *like* having your own radio station”
“Videoblogs are *like* having your own TV station”

I’m not a newspaper publisher, I don’t make radio, I don’t make TV – they are all similar, but fundamentally different. I use comparison with those things to help you understand what it is that I really do. To try and put it in context for you.

It’s like saying (uh-oh here we go again) “Frogs legs are *like* chicken” – it prepares you a little for what’s coming, but you shouldn’t send them back just because you’d formed a mental picture of a family-size KFC bucket.