Bits and bobs, mostly bobs

lloyd, charles & dianeOK, so no sign of action on Helen’s Blog yet this morning, but the pictures are on flickr and I had a text from her last night to reveal her experience of Celebrity Scissorhands – she was Rowetta‘d and you can see that her hair is very different, but in a “looking good mama” way! Give money to Children in Need now.

And talking of bobs, look at this poseur in the making – I think that’s my ninth birthday party, so probably 1973. Joining in the celebrations are Charles Istead and Diane Rixom. Where are they now? Do I want to know, or have I dug up enough old friends recently? (with apologies to those who read this blog and who might not like to be referred to as “dug up”)

Grumblings and disruption in the music biz are getting my attention, mostly due to my association with Mr Phillips at TunA . This one uses the ‘C’ word – consumer, there I said it, sorry folks – far too often. I’m looking forward to next Monday’s ORG event on copyright extension – NOT