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lloyd, charles & dianeOK, so no sign of action on Helen’s Blog yet this morning, but the pictures are on flickr and I had a text from her last night to reveal her experience of Celebrity Scissorhands – she was Rowetta‘d and you can see that her hair is very different, but in a “looking good mama” way! Give money to Children in Need now.

And talking of bobs, look at this poseur in the making – I think that’s my ninth birthday party, so probably 1973. Joining in the celebrations are Charles Istead and Diane Rixom. Where are they now? Do I want to know, or have I dug up enough old friends recently? (with apologies to those who read this blog and who might not like to be referred to as “dug up”)

Grumblings and disruption in the music biz are getting my attention, mostly due to my association with Mr Phillips at TunA . This one uses the ‘C’ word – consumer, there I said it, sorry folks – far too often. I’m looking forward to next Monday’s ORG event on copyright extension – NOT

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  1. Four years later your trendy bowl-cut and vee-neck jumper look made it’s way to the States as the daily corduroy’d livery of this public school victim. Thanks very much, Mate, for dredging up this dark corner of youth. ;^) Locked away somewhere deep in storage is a photo, color fading to polychromatic sepia, eerily similar to this.

    Is it any wonder with such style and flair in our early years we’ve both opted for the easy way out now?

  2. rosie, you misunderstand – I was talking about the others – the *old* friends. I wouldn’t dream of calling you ‘old’ 😉 phew!

    neal, there’s more, so much more – but I still keep waiting though for the day you show your childhood to the world in all it’s partridge family, brady bunch glory…

  3. Glad you like the pob Lloyd. I’m lovin’ it! Can’t believe how much hair came off. Richard Fairbrass had a lot of sweeping up to do!

    Not sure about your 70s bob though… not the prettiest picture I’ve ever seen of you 😉

    I might also add that Rowetta, Ben and Steve were just lovely and I think I came out very well considering other ‘victims’ came out either unhappy or with very average (below average?) do’s on Monday. We had tears ‘n everything from celebs and clients! The joys of reality TV 🙂

  4. I had to watch it from behind the sofa – did Rowetta do your hair after she had her pedicure ‘episode’? Poor Steve Strange! Those trembling hands should stay away from scissors under any circumstances.

    For other readers who don’t get the pob/bob distinction (I had to look it up) it’s a Posh Bob named after the latest “radical” coiffure of our own Lady Victoria the Posh of Beckhamshire.

  5. O, no! All this is making me a bit nervous about my “new hair” day tomorrow. Thanks for enlightening me about the latest hairdo terminogoly- it will come it handy (not- I don’t have enough hair, and trying to steer away from the whole bob thing- it doesn’t do me any favours!).
    Aw, I like your bob, Lloyd 😉 Fergus has finally agreed to have his cut and I’m thinking of doing something similar.
    And, sorry, Lloyd. No offence taken or meant- I was only having a laugh- I don’t think my Yorkshire wit comes across very well in writing 😉

  6. Helen – do you know how many drugs that women would’ve taken when she was in the Happy Mondays? I’m suprised you’ve got any hair left at all 🙂

  7. Ok, enough hair talk (though we’re looking forward to the pictures from rosie of *her* new hair hehehe!)

    I keep trying to run my fingers through mine…and then… I remember… {sniffle}

  8. Yes, had I realised that Rowetta had had a hissy fit over a pedicure that morning, I might not have been so relaxed! I did see the girl with the wonky fringe before I went in and she was still crying (I didn’t go in until after 2pm). I thought that must have been someone else’s doing and that she came out without finishing her haircut.

    Rowetta and Steve for that matter were real sweeties and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing. And even a week later, the hair is still the business 🙂

    And hey, it’s fun to be on TV. Must be the old SYT vibes coming through.

    Liking your new hair too Rosie!

  9. Thanks, Helen! (it takes a woman to understand the importance of saying that 😉 Love your pob, too. Has it been on telly yet? I dont keep up with what’s on, but would love to see it!
    ROFL at longest conversation ever on Lloyd’s blog about HAIRCUTS!

  10. Hi Helen.
    Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was meeting you, and a joy to cut your hair.
    It looks fab and I’ve posted your before and after pictures on the forum on my site.
    I did have a panic attack that morning as I can’t stand feet, but I was fine by the time you arrived, or I wouldn’t have cut your hair.
    To the guy who mentioned drugs. I am not a drug taker, I sang with Happy Mondays, that’s all.
    I worked with Simon Cowell too, but i’m not a multi-millionaire, sadly!
    Thanks again, Helen. Lots of people have been asking me to do the pob for them for Xmas, but I have to tell them I’m not a real hairdresser, just a singer.
    Glad all the hair styles I did turned out well.
    Take care
    Ro x

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