Dalek tea party

dalek tea party

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A trip for tea to Elys in Wimbledon (much more exciting that Starbucks or Coffee Republic and with water, unlike all of Wimbledon Village) yielded a bit of a surprise and a disappointment for anyone who’d been pinning their hopes on getting into what is clearly an exclusive bash. Tea parties when I was a kid were teddy bears (cuddly) or chimps (funny – at least as long as they’re kept at a distance). I think I would have had trouble keeping my tea and buns down if a Dalek had turned up.

I mean, I once saw Tom Baker at a book-signing in the 70s and a toddler had hysterics because there was Dr Who – he was real and not a puppet who lived in the telly. I just hope they have paramedics on call and have made sure the emergency exits are fully operational.

I also wondered how big the Dalek actually was, because the aisles were a bit of a squeeze as it was.

The Christmas trees throughout Elys are the same colour as the title on that notice (only sparkly) all I can tell you is that wherever Vera got them, they don’t seem to have come from Argos – and while on that subject. If you choose to have this in your home this Christmas, please don’t invite me round for mince pies. (note the url’s for the argos site will doubtless degrade over time, I wish I could give you permalinks, but they are just too tight-arsed about their intellectual property – just believe me when I tell you that the one I’ve pointed to is vile and actually looks quite like a Dalek who got carried away at Mardi Gras)

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  1. I tried to build my own Dalek back in the late 70’s with instructions from a BBC publication celebrating 15 years of Dr Who. It was a complete disaster and I was banned from attempting anything like that again. Mind you my mum used to remind me of Davros!!

    PS – I was born 5 days before the 1st ever episode of DW, which was the same month as JFK’s assasination – could they be related? An Ice Warrior on the grassy knoll perhaps!!

  2. Ha ha ha! Oh, if only we’d had YouTube in those days, doubtless your efforts would have been a great hit! You didn’t exterminate the cat did you?

    And I’m glad that you say your mum *used* to remind you of Davros – unlike now when she reminds you of a dear sweet lady who fed, clothed and cared for you when you couldn’t look after yourself 😉

    Also while doubtless some conspiracy theorists out there will beg to differ, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to imagine that your birth had anything to do with Kennedy’s assassination 😛

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