Ars & Elbow

Rosie drew this comment out of me last night on the previous post and even in the cold light of day I thought it worth promoting to the front page:

I think it comes down to a simple premise – that good, lasting, profitable business arises out of good relationships. How do you improve any relationship? You give more and that’s how you get more. As you sow, so shall you reap, if you like (omigod, i can’t believe i’m quoting scripture… on my blog!)

So what I’m saying is that by giving more to the online relationship (making content, telling stories, providing a homely comfortable space, encouraging creativity among the audience, breaking down the barriers between artists and audience) rather than spending their energy on finding more efficient ways to extract money out of people, everybody ends up winning.

Theatres spend an awful lot of money trying to do those things above, but only in a physical space – and the crazy thing is, that it doesn’t cost a huge amount in order to do this stuff online.