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State of my onions

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Oh mercy me!

The old one’s are, of course, the best. The opportunity to share with you, mah felluh blogizens, “The State of My Onions At Rest” was irresistable to my pathetic sense of humour.

Eat your heart out Dubya.

Social Media Club London – January Meetup Report

P1150091Despite large parts of the UK trying to blow away with the attendant travel chaos that staggers those from less civilized climes, we had more than 25 hardy souls braving the elements from as far away as Bonn (yes, as in Germany) and Cardiff (yes, as in Wales), for free beer, wine and nibbles (Thanks, Fleishmann Hillard!) and some incidental chat about social media.

There is quite a churn in these meetings so far, though some suckers keep coming back for more, so we started with round-the-room introductions. There was a wide variety – media consultants, media creators, bloggers, photographers, marketers, entrepreneurs, geeks, visual-thinkers and many more.

We then broke into smaller self-forming discussion groups for the bulk of the time we had together. Broadly summarised there were people talking about:

  • Living life completely online vs offline, the problems associated with life-cacheing mixed in with speculation about the shelf-life of YouTube videos and timeliness of social media generally.
  • Visualisation as a global language – ask Dave Gray for a picture of this one 😉
  • The variety of perspectives and channels in using social media for marketing (pictured above), the problems of measurement and the difficulty of matching ‘channels’ and ‘audiences’ ( not to mention the difficulty of using those words or finding others to use…)
  • Where does trust come from? Knowing the source? From the content itself?
  • Global perspectives – diverse and complex developments in other parts of the world and the predominance of the mobile phone rather than the desktop as social media tool.

I plugged membership, pointed people to the London wiki and the mailing list as tools to keep in touch and encouraged people to come up with suggestions for topics and activities. I’d very much like us to *do* stuff at these sessions as much as *talk* about doing stuff. We’re going to go with the Third Thursday of the month as a regular slot, though we may shift venue around Central London – 15th February will include a post-Valentine speed-datingnetworking spot 😮

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Yo! Halfprice Heaven

First, say “Happy Birthday Helen!”

Now, even on her birthday she gives her friends something, she told me about this and I’m going to pass it on. If you’re a fan of Yo! Sushi, then for the price of some of your valuable personal information (no, nothing beyond the usual name, e-mail, birthday etc) you can get a Halfprice Heaven 50% discount voucher to use before 31st January. Redeemable against food only – maximum 10 plates per person 🙂

Weather Report

It’s a stormy day here in London town, so I stuck my camera out of the window to capture the effect on the normally millpond-like Thames.

Nothing spectacular, no flying tree branches, no-one falling in the river, no Hasselhof-esque rescue scenes, but startlingly different from what I’m used to.

[update: heh – you’ll notice that either i’ve turned German (i haven’t) or else the y in January got clipped off the end and i didn’t notice before uploading]

[update 2: I should point out that there may be spectacular things going on but just not in *this* video 🙂 thanks Rachel]

Blog Talk Radio

I don’t have time to do this justice right now, but i’ve just been shown blogtalkradio by Alan Levy, their CEO and my head is exploding with different applications. Bottom line: you want your own talk radio station? You got it. For free.

Go look.

This is my page

I’ll do a show soon and announce it here. At the moment interaction is constrained because callers have to dial a number in the USA, but that’s due to change in the next few weeks.

Alan says it’s podcasting 2.0 hehe! I agree.

Social Media Club London January Meeting

I’m leading the meeting of Social Media Club in London this coming Thursday. It’s free and refreshments will be provided.

Of course the first rule of Social Media Club is TALK about Social Media Club.

All are welcome. If you don’t know whether you’ll fit in, this is what the SMC about page says:

Social Media Club will bring together journalists, publishers, communications professionals, artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, tool makers, and other interested collaboraters. Essentially the people who create and consume media who have an interest in seeing the ‘media industry’ evolve for everyone’s benefit. We are more than just USERS, we are the reason the tools exist – we are the people who communicate our thoughts and ideas near and far. Join us and let’s shape the future together!

Excusing the gushing uplift (americans… bless!) at the end, if you see yourself described in the earlier part of the paragraph and you’re in the Greater London area in the evening of Thursday 18th Jan then come along to the offices of Fleishmann Hillard at 40 Long Acre. For those not in the know, Long Acre is the street that runs (roughly) along the top side of Covent Garden and is where Covent Garden Tube station is. Nearest tubes are Leicester Square and Covent Garden.

We’ll kick off at 6pm and be done by 8.30. No doubt some of the more sociable types will continue conversations in the local bars, eateries or strip joints.

Please let us know you are coming by registering here: 46 people already have!

This is the third meeting – to see reports of the previous meetings search technorati for social media club london

The agenda for Thursday is on the wiki – it’s your meeting, so if you think this is a load of rabbit droppings, get in there and make some other suggestions.

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Sobering thoughts

Five years ago today, before this blog was a twinkle in my eye (hey, months before i’d even first heard the word ‘blog’ drawling out of Euan‘s mouth – “bloahhhhgh”) I made an important decision.

I decided I was going to stop drinking alcohol. Not at all unusual for me in the second week in January, but this time I stuck at it and five years later, not a drop has passed my lips, one day at a time (sometimes shorter intervals were called for – “If I can just not have one this lunchtime…”) I know I’m not “cured” or stopped for good, just that I have no intention of going near a drink today.

I had learned early in life that I had a fairly huge capacity for drinking. I reasoned that as I could, therefore I should. But I was really hurting myself (quite obviously and spectacularly at times) and (less consciously, but nonetheless materially) the people who knew and loved me.

When I first stopped, I wanted to be the one who did it all by myself. I’d smile and wink at people who admired *my* ‘willpower’. However, what I want to make clear above all is that I have not ever done this on my own. It’s been a journey of slowly lettting down my defences until I was willing to admit what I had previously found absolutely unacceptable: that I might occasionally (heh!) be wrong and that I needed to ask for and gratefully receive the help of other people who (for this moment at least) knew better than me.

This birthday means as much if not more to me than the belly-button day. I’m FIVE today, so watch out!


photo by arquera

The power of the PS

Evelyn Rodriguez:

p.s. I’m very serious when I say that 2007 will be the year that folks get that social media will be likened to a communal table rather than a printing press. That social media has more in common with barbershops, trading posts, village bazaars, coffeehouses, piazzas and plazas, eighteenth century Parisian salons, troubadours and minstrels, theater, and Homeric poetry than it has with newspapers and television.

And so it is… and so it is