Social Media Club London February Meeting

Smooth OperatorSocial Media Club is set for every third Thursday of the month and so the next one will be 15th February.

One of the ideas is that there’ll be a subject discussed in all chapters around the world each month. I think that would be nifty, as long as it doesn’t come to dominate the whole thing. This month we’re going to try some speed networking (must polish whistle) and I’d like us to decide on some club projects so that we can get some hands on activity into the meetings.

Do leave suggestions on the wiki [hint: I struggled for a longtime to understand what ‘PWD is media’ meant on the wikipage title. At the same time I got disgruntled that I couldn’t work out what the PassWorD was to get in and edit. Some social media geek!]

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photo from the very cool Ben Reyes’s flickr photostream