Thursday Night Is Social Media Night

Since the last meeting (see video above) and a great conference call I took part in with Chris, Howard, Kristie and lots of other local leaders, I had another idea about how to do this in London. I would like to keep the third Thursday for the kind of discussion and networking activity we’ve had so far, but to expand what we do (probably spread quite thinly at first) and to establish a weekly meetup of one form or another so that we can say to anyone in London, “Thursday Night is Social Media Night.”

What I suggest is that anyone can come along at 6pm at a pre-arranged location to take pictures, make some audio or video, or just walk around town and blog about it, somewhere in London according to the following schedule:

* 1st Thursday: Photo-sharing
* 2nd Thursday: Podcasting & Audioblogging
* 3rd Thursday: Hosted Discussion & Networking
* 4th Thursday: Videoblogging
* 5th Thursday: Blogwalk

Except for the 3rd week, these will be out and about somewhere in London, maybe pub-based when weather gets rough, but dedicated to improving our social media skills by doing as much as by talking.

I’m committing to starting this on 1st March with a photo walk about in Soho, meeting at the John Snow pub in Broadwick St (bring your camera) – yes, it will be just getting dark at 6pm so the theme will be “Things you can photograph in Soho in the dark without getting arrested or your face smashed in”. Frankly, I’ll be happy if I get just one other person to come with me, but of cours, the more the merrier.

I’m going to start working up pages on the wiki to help flesh this out a bit. Do come and join in, the password is media. If you want to be kept informed, please do sign up for the London mailing list

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