Walking in an Interesting2007 way

I thought I’d add a walkit.com widget to the interesting2007 wiki like the following, but it wouldn’t work (it showed up, but threw an error when I submitted it).

I’m posting it here to see if it will work any better, but wordpress.com is sometimes funny about these things too.

If it doesn’t work, Jamie should consider this a bug report 🙂


Enter your starting point (e.g. postcode) to get walking directions

OK, so it’s a great idea – you should get an input box that lets you put your starting point in and then search for a route to a fixed destination (in this case the Conway Hall) but it doesn’t work for me in pbwiki or wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “Walking in an Interesting2007 way”

  1. Thanks for the link Lloyd, the Walk it service is great, constantly providing these directions to our office for various people. And their prints automatically resize for landscape and readability. Brilliant Service, good job jamie!

    The carbon emission tab at the top also a fantastic meeting opening icebreaker.

  2. Lloyd – thanks for pointing this problem out!

    The issue appears to be down to WordPress policies for blogs it hosts. It appears that WordPress filters out HTML tags that are considered unsafe, and amongst those tags are the tags that make text input boxes in forms (though interestingly, not the actual form tags themselves).

    As well as the widget you’ve tried to use, we will offer code for simple links that take your user to walkit.com and pre-fill the destination, only requiring your visitor to enter their origin. It’ll be equivalent to the widget, but the form will be presented on walkit.com rather than on your web page or blog post.

    I’ll post back here once these links are ready.

    I’m not quite sure what the issue with the wiki is. Could it be similar to the WordPress case? Whatever it is, I’m confident that a simple link will work here too.

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