Internetworld 2007 suckfest

I went on Tuesday. I’m sure I should have gone on Wednesday when Chinwag had a thing about PPC and all of my twitter stream seemed to be there.

Actually no, I wish I hadn’t gone at all. The saving graces were unexpected meetups with Ged Carroll, Kevin Anderson and Ian Delaney and an expected meetup with Andy Hyde.

I wanted to interview the big fat blue mouse and the leopard girls (sorry rupert) but they’d gone on a break I think, so I started shooting this B roll stuff and then…

thank god it was free to get in (and out again)

4 thoughts on “Internetworld 2007 suckfest”

  1. Dude,
    I’m so glad you were there in full resolution. What with you and Martin out there with cameras, I get all the vicarious gain, with none of the pain. God bless videoblogging and quarantine.
    I just linked back to you from my/Martin’s pixelvision effort:

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