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Do you know any PR people who know that social media is important and want to get up to speed, but don’t quite know where to start?

I went to the last Chinwag Live called PR Unspun (podcast here) and could see an opportunity for talking in more detail to PR folk about how to move from relating well to the press or the public to relating well to people like me (and you probably), bloggers. Now I won’t suggest we call it BR, as that brings to mind curled sandwiches, cold damp carriages smelling of something awful and “We’re getting there” (oh no you’re not!) but Better Blogger Relations seems to work with people, so I designed a half-day workshop.

I shall introduce people to the basics and then cover:

  • Finding people who are talking about your clients.
  • Monitoring online conversations methodically.
  • Engaging with an online community.
  • How to be interesting to bloggers.

I’m just setting up the first one on Friday week (25th May). As I’ve got it down to a choice of two venues and am just clearing up the details, I thought I’d put tickets on sale through eventbrite anyway – it’s £95+VAT and limited to 12 places. Please do point your favourite, but as yet clue-deprived PR people to the booking page or buy a ticket yourself.

UPDATE: Venue confirmed, it’s: CCT Venues Barbican, Aldersgate House, 135-137 Aldersgate St, London EC1A 4JA

4 thoughts on “Better Blogger Relations”

  1. I think that anyone wanting to take blogging relations seriously could do with a taking a lesson from SAP. In their annual SAPPHIRE event (running now) they changed their registration process to show that they are serious about reaching out to bloggers (had a section on it just for them).

    Other insights that leading bloggers at the event explained :
    Bloggers prefer to have group discussions instead of the one-on-ones preferred by the press and analysts. The bloggers weren’t looking for a “scoop” – they are looking for insight.
    SAP has a formalised blogger relations programme which is led by a VP (most programmes tend to originate more from the grass roots)
    SAP puts significant budget behind the blogger programme (pays T&E for example to events)

    backs up this point

    Good luck in your event.

  2. Hi Jonny, thanks very much for this and the pointer to Charlie’s blog

    A little recognition goes a long way – I was really pleased to see this, for example:


    at the World Health Care Congress – Bloggers getting top billing over Press – things are getting interesting 🙂

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