Blogs & Social Media Forum 2

bsmf2 015I enjoyed helping out again at VNU’s second Blogs & Social Media Forum on Tuesday. I decided to twitter rather than live-blog here today. You’ll find the first one here in my twitter archive and it goes through to here 48 tweets later

I ran a (rather frenetic and noisy) speed networking session so everyone had the opportunity to spend at least 3 minutes with at least 5 new people. I then held an open space which came up with conversations on real work, monetizing social media, the dark side of social media, using it in academic situations such as teaching in a business school and what being a metaverse evangelist really means. As I was busy being challenged in the same way that Johnnie is when holding a space I only really got to take part in Euan’s conversation about real work, but others have blogged their experiences and reactions: Marie Howell, Robin Hamman, Roo Reynolds and Fiona Blamey.

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