feeds b0rked

Don’t know exactly what’s going on, but some of you will have woken up to a bundle of random items in the Perfect Path feed. I *think* it’s only those who are still subscribed to the atom version of the feed at http://www.perfectpath.co.uk/atom.xml

For the avoidance of any further random surprises you should resubscribe to https://perfectpath.wordpress.com/feed/ or http://feeds.feedburner.com/PerfectPath (doesn’t matter which really, but I expect that I’ll keep the feedburner one going on regardless of who hosts the blog (I’m still liking wordpress.com btw)

One thought on “feeds b0rked”

  1. I enjoyed the Hindi version which appeared this morning. At least I think it was Hindi.
    Could have been Welsh.
    Wonder what the problem was.

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