I should be writing

I’ve so many posts that haven’t even made draft yet, just bubbling away in my head. Maybe listing them here will halp. At least it’s got me away from Pinkerton my Facebook pet Greybit. He’s less than an hour old, but at level 6 and loves fighting level 7 spiders and mantises and stuff.

Anyway, in the pipeline…

Interesting2007 (oh god, there’s a whole sub-blog of its own in there)
Events and conferences in general (following Lee’s thoughts on the subject & Johnnie’s riposte)
Facebook addiction (something about evolving and expanding objects of sociability, probably a link to Jyri)
Social Media Club (what we’ve done so far, what we’re going to do next) COME ON THURSDAY
How can I get more time to write and *talk* about what I think
Me playing my uke & singing (there have been requests)
Some of the interesting people I’ve met recently (at interesting and elsewhere)

Fingers crossed.

Photo by: tim_d (Tim Duckett)

2 thoughts on “I should be writing”

  1. Dear God, please tell me that photo was not from this afternoon 😉

    I was not aware that Johnnie riposted me – I thought he kind of agreed but then went on to say how good Open Space is, which I don’t disagree with at all.

    The Open space debate is a bit like asking whether pictures are good or not – it entirely depends on the content and context, IMHO.

    Anyway, I’m jealous you made it to Interesting. I am grounded due to childcare commitments for the next two weeks.

    I realise I barely said hello today – hello – sorry about that. Had a bit of a mad day 😦

  2. Heh! no that was how I spent my Saturday, leading to a startling number of conversations in the pub afterwards that started “Where are your pants?”

    You’re right, having re-read Johnnie and seen your comment from yesterday riposte is too suggestive of confrontation, I was really only thinking of a quick reply.

    I share your frustration with events – and I really am going to write about it at more length someday soon. I’d love to hold longer spaces, but it’s a struggle to get event organisers to accept the concept at all, let alone anything more than an hour. I don’t think that open space is the only answer (but it’s a good one) I’m up for a huge variety of interactions. I’m hoping we’re in a transitional place and that by introducing a taste of something different we’ll open people’s minds to other ways of doing things.

    While we’re confessing jealousies or envies, I can’t believe that Reboot’s got to 9 and I still haven’t made it over to Copenhagen. And don’t worry about ‘hello’s, I caught your eye for a fraction of a second and saw you smile. I wasn’t in for long in the end anyway, and I’ll be back 🙂

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