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Long-time readers here will have been aware of my plunking and warbling, but I’ve only recently been coming out of the ukulele closet more widely.

My seesmic fun has been well-received but before all that started, I did an audition for a busking licence on London Underground and yesterday, I heard that I passed 🙂

I know it’s not to everyone’s taste, so I just wanted to warn those who are uke-averse that shortly (just waiting for my police check) you won’t even be able to escape by going underground…

7 thoughts on “Uke News”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear things are that tight that you’ll be busking. . . .Glad to see you pushing the limits of social media by brining your special media out into society. When I next swing through London I will certainly be listening for your dulcet, George Foreman-like tones echoing out of the stations along the Victoria line. Where will you ply your magic, Green Park?

  2. It won’t be for a little while as my police check has to come through – luckily I haven’t done anything I need to worry about, it just takes time.

    @tildesley – I’ll no doubt twitter where and when it actually happens.

    @podchef – can’t tell if you mean George Foreman for real or George Formby – both of whom are real heroes, though I’d rather sound like Formby than Foreman (buy my grill – or I’ll punch your lights out)

    @johnniemoore – I’ll have my camera with me don’t you worry

    @piers – we’re given a choice of pitches I think – I’ll probably twitter where I’m going to be on any one day.

    @ledretch – good to see you here, my new seesmic friend – yeah, we’ll have a seesmic band before you know it

  3. I meant Formby, but perhaps you might want to train to be a Foreman.

    Now, I may just have to pass through the bowels of your great city early in the New Year to hear you sing and strum a ditty. Can I request something by Tiny Tim?

    BTW–I’ve missed out on the opening of the seesmic craze because my !@#$% computer won’t play nice with it. Time for a massive update methinks. Can’t wait until I can play.

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