David Lynch on Transcendental Meditation

David Lynch wants kids to learn TM in schools – I wish I could embed this, but I’ll have to send you via a link instead.


(disclosure, this vid was shot for friction.tv by my erstwhile partner in crime Debbie Davies – how *does* she find them?)

Anyway, puts me in mind of this…

and of course this…

6 thoughts on “David Lynch on Transcendental Meditation”

  1. The above anti-meditation activist (knapp) posts this same cut-and-paste spam piece wherever a positive article appears on Transcendental Meditation. Its purpose is to promote his “cult chasing” business. With over 350 peer-reviewed scientific research studies on the TM technique and $24 million in research grants for TM from the NIH, it’s a joke that there are still people claiming that TM is a “cult.” Get real. This is witch-hunt mentality. The social worker guy who posted that maintains at least three anti-meditation websites filled with misinformation about meditation. It’s barely worth responding to this issue. But for the sake of the innocent reader, here’s a medical doctor’s take on it, from http://www.askthedoctors.com:

    Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary, Medical Director of Endocrinology, Scripps Memorial Hospital: “If anyone is concerned that the TM program might be some kind of religious sect or cult, then just ask yourself: How many so-called cults have been awarded $24 million in research grants by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health, or offer programs verified by research studies in hundreds of refereed medical and scientific journals, including the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine?

    “How many religious sects have offered AMA-approved continuing education courses for physicians, or teach systematic instruction in a technique that’s regularly featured in brain research presentations at the American Psychological Association’s annual conferences, and highlighted in the American College of Cardiology press releases for benefits to cardiovascular health?

    The distinguished recognition and scientific validation goes on and on.”

    And BTW, TM is not product placement, it’s a non-profit, educational program that science shows is the most effective tool that teachers have for relieving stress, developing students’ cognitive abilities and stimulating personal growth. Right on David Lynch!

  2. I really appreciate David Lynch, he is one of my heroes. I have been practicing TM very happily and successfully for over 30 years and I am well aware of its many benefits, including physical and mental health as can be seen from the following studies. Transcendental Meditation : AMA Research, and Transcendental Meditation Research: NIH Mr Lynch is a great philanthropist. His foundation, the David Lynch Foundation, has helped millions of kids learn Transcendental Meditation worldwide, changing their lives and giving them opportunities they may never have had. One of these children is my own, who learned TM recently. Every day he spends a few minutes diving into deep Silence, and he emerges stronger, brighter, and happier. Thanks to the Foundation I was able to give my child one of the greatest gifts a parent could ever offer: Self-reliance, reliance on his own inexhaustible inner resources. For this, I will always be grateful to Mr. Lynch. Transcendental Meditation : David Lynch Foundation

  3. Like all celebrities, Lynch supports non-profit organizations. That is not the same as ‘product placement.’ Lynch supports the use of Transcendental Meditation in schools based on SOLID RESEARCH demonstrating its benefits for students. These include decreased stress and stress-related disorders, reduced substance abuse, increased intelligence, increased learning ability, improved memory, improved academic performance, improved standardized test scores, and many more. Check it out: . This book on TM can be read entirely online for free: http://www.tm.org/book/toc.html

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