Need. to. write. (and get some invoices paid…)

I have a fantasy about this weekend’s barcamp that I will sit around and write about all the cool things that are currently in my head. However, I have a feeling that if I wanted to do that a better solution would be to check into a hotel for the weekend rather than sleeping on Google’s floor with a bunch of ueber-geeks.

My week has included a gut-wrenching theatre experience, meeting two super-smart young women for vittles and having my mind expanded both times even though neither of them seem to have a blog (only annoying because it makes them difficult to link to), having 20 super-smart peeps of both genders sit around and talk tuttle, meeting with a client and getting to think big thoughts about their online social networking, having a breakfast consisting of coffee, fruit salad, bacon and enneagram, covering the Edge Awards Winners Workshop and getting to meet a whole big bunch of people who love developing the talents of younger people – together with said younger people as well, natch. I had the treat last night of hearing the history of Dolphin Square as related by some of it’s longer term tenants. Oh yes, and my copy of The Starfish & The Spider arrived so I’ve also been reading and getting an explanation for why I’m more Mary Poppins than Maria von Trapp.

That’s just some reasons why my facebook status said “Lloyd is phew”