BarcampLondon3: Raising the social bar – Mark Simpkins

#rough notes

Mark from BBC

Sites that include comments. He’s been trying to get them to do it and now they’re doing it wrong. This is not official just a bnch of ideas.

The main thing is how the audience percieves the (BBCs) content and how that content is seen in the context o f the whole web. bbc is seen as big shiny edifice part of the problem is that comments now get trapped.

What are the interactions? – contact, comment, annotation and tagging – producers can look at various analyses.

contact – we’ve had for ages – send an e-mail – we just get feedback in, it’s nice

annotate – done some of but tricky to manage interfaces for and there are other things going on in bbc eg audio annotation

tagging – newly introduced ad-hoc use of various OSNs

comment – eg The One Show (half-hour magazine prog, a conversation with the audience) but most comments are actually something of a contact.

The mechanisms for having comment exist everywhere, what we don’t do is say “I want you to comment so just blog it and tell me where the link is” Cos we’re a big shiny globe in cyberspace and we want to keep you inside. Although this is not the remit of the bbc part of which is to help people use the web more.

The social bar experiment is to start putting buttons on the site to try to automate this – ie if you have a blog, tell us what the link is, if you don’t, then this is how to set up a blog. However, this is tricky cos bbc isn’t supposed to be getting into this bit. got a prototype greasemonkey script – posts to your twitter stream rather than a blog (and send back a link to the bbc so that they can be aggregated easily)

Probably better to be run somewhere else, maybe as part of PSP.

Q: Isn’t this more complicated than it needs to be?

BarcampLondon3: VRM – Adriana Lukas

Commerce has always been Conversations —> Relationships —-> Transactions but advertising assumes a transaction, and has historically tried to ignore the difficult bit ie relationships.

VRM is about how we get to take power over our own commercial information, about making a platform for you to do this, not about owning the data.

Adriana says I can’t remember all the things about everything I’ve done, I want lots of it remembered automatically.

So collect the data, make some tools for analysis, overlay your social network and preferences.

Too much for 30 minutes 🙂