Another year

grumpyIt’s my birthday again – I’ve already had lots of lovely good wishes on twitter, facebook and seesmic. It really doesn’t seem like yesterday since the last one.

I’m very glad over the last year to have kept up with lots of my long-term bloggy (and less bloggy) friends but I’ve also added a huge number of new “nodes” particularly through twitter, seesmic and social media club and I’d like to mention a few here, in no particular order – many feel to me like I’ve known them forever (and of course I kind of have, those whose blogs I’ve followed but whom I only met and got to know this year).

Deek Deekster, Roo Reynolds, DK, Russell Davies, Charles Frith, Charlie Gower, Mark Earls, Katie Ledger, Mike Atherton (sizemore), Alex (ledretch), Fred2Baro, Warzabidul, Giselle Kennedy, Whit Scott, Johann Romefort, Christian Payne, Nic Butler, Adam Tinworth, Andy Roberts, Vero Pepperell, Ged Carroll, Chris & Kristie Heuer, David Terrar, Ronna Porter, Richard Sambrook, Tim Duckett, Tom Armitage, Grant McCracken, Janet Parkinson, Guy West, Gordon Joly, Chris Hambly, Emma Persky, Sam Ismail, Eaon Pritchard, Hylton Jolliffe, Rupert Howe, Richard Stacy, Thayer Driver, Nick Poyntz, Steve Clayton, Jamie Coomber, Amanda Gore – sure I’ve missed some but please don’t take it personally, just shout at me in the comments 🙂

I’m also amazed looking back over this blog at all the stuff that’s gone on – and this is just the stuff I’ve shared here! 😀

January – Leading my first Social Media Club meeting
February – The coining of “Social Media Tart”
March – Open Coffee started and I took a quick trip to Barcelona
April – New batch of Moos and a romper suit
May – My first time in Rome and Pants made out of potatoes
June – Interesting2007 ZOMG! and Adriana was poorly, but she got better – yay!
July – Started sharing 8 things
and met up with some old luvvies
August – jam packed – Social Media Café was conceived, musing about FB privacy, and the first game of Mornington Crescent on Twitter
September – I met a troll and had a holiday
October – Seesmic took over my life
November – Went to Berlin, prototyped the café/club and talked at barcamplondon3 about relationships
December – having spent most of the year in the application process, got my busking licence and got started

Wow! Thanks everybody for such a fab time! See you in a few days when the Christmas madness has abated.

8 thoughts on “Another year”

  1. Happy Birthday! I’m looking forward to catching a busking session if I’m ever in London when you’re playing :o)

  2. Happy Birthday M8! Didn’t twig the fact it was your Bon Aniversaire via FB or I would have wished ye well far sooner. All the best and Happy Christmas!

  3. Happy birthday my friend, sure an other year is coming with lots of new people too meet.
    I was glad to meet you, and it is surely a promess of a warm friendship.

  4. Too true! it’s odd that nothing is made of that extra day apart from girls asking boys to marry them??yet every year we’re supposed to celebrate new year. It’s all crazy. Perhaps leap day should be communication day, a chance to sort things out between pople.By the way,please don’t unfacebook me cos that would make me sad!

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