Happy? New? Year?

dec07 035Isn’t happiness weird? I often find myself being choosy about who to give it away to – but why would I withhold happiness from anyone? And anyway, the more I give away, the more I get back 🙂

Isn’t New Year weird? How did something that should be about innovation become so fixed in tradition? I spent last night equally bored and nonplussed.

Isn’t time weird? This year’s a leap year and so just because we all agree that it’s going to happen, we’ll have an extra day in February. If we can agree on bending a rule about how many days there are in a year, surely we could agree on something else. You know, silly stuff like “let’s stop fighting” or “let’s make sure everyone’s got enough to eat today”

Love & hugs everybodeh!

5 thoughts on “Happy? New? Year?”

  1. You know, they should make Feb 29th a holiday, every time it happens, just cos it would be a nice thing to do. Every four years, bam, surprise! An extra day of holiday!

    Wouldn’t that make the world a slightly happier place? 😀

  2. Yes, this would be a fantastic offset to the surprise and annoyance caused by March and February not having the same days on the same dates this year, just when we’d got used to it.

  3. Thanks Rachel, I can’t believe Dave Gorman’s had a blog since 2005 and I never knew. Oh well, I’ll just have to start getting up even earlier to read my feeds.

    I’d like an intermission too – I love the idea of taking away days rather than adding them in.

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