Halp. I needz it.

My personal heady mix of pride, stubbornness and avoidance combine to make this a difficult thing to write, but I need some pretty specific help over the next week.

I have to move out of my flat by next Sunday 18th May. I have a couple of options on where I can stay after that but none of them are ideal or sustainable for longer than a couple of weeks tops. I also have very little in liquid assets, which is why I’m not able to just walk into an estate agents and plop 10 weeks rent on the table for anywhere I like. Another bit of background is that I also don’t drive and don’t own a car.

So. In the coming week:

I need someone with a van to help take my bed from Pimlico to Wimbledon for storage. The double mattress of course is the largest part, but apart from that the headboard is 1.4m x 1.4m so I’m guessing most people carriers won’t be up to it, but am willing to be proved wrong.

More manageably, I need help getting all my worldly goods (in boxes) from Pimlico to my ex-wife’s place in Epsom where I can store stuff in the attic.

And I need somewhere to live for little or no rent while I get back on my feet financially.

People are kindly helping with getting work and cash flowing, but I expect it to take quite a bit more than a couple of weeks.

e-mail, phone & twitter are all great ways of getting hold of me.

btw – my chin is up, I am still breathing, and smiling, just in need of practical assistance 🙂

Update: Thanks for all the messages of love & support. You all rock. Am piecing together a plan from the various bits of help offered. I’ve had two people offer cars & driving, someone who’ll hire a van if I can find a driver and two offers of places to stay through the last week in May. Very grateful…

Oh yes and some careers advice from Adrian Phillips… thanks Ade 🙂

4 thoughts on “Halp. I needz it.”

  1. Lloyd – AM thinking of you. Can’t help with practical things next week, but am seeing what I can do to help mid to long term.

    I hear Woolies are looking for reliable staff on the pick and mix!!

    That WAS a joke KW 🙂

  2. Good luck Lloyd! If you were in Brum, might be able to offer you some practical help, but as you’re not I’ll just send you good wishes. Hope you manage to get things sorted quickly 🙂

  3. Thanks all, especially you Ade – hahaha!

    Em, I don’t have to be, but I need fairly easy access to London and as I don’t drive, that means public transport. DM me if you have anything in mind. Thank you for asking.

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