Clearing some headspace

One of those brain dump things where I want to write more than 140 characters but not enough for a “proper” post, whatever *that* is.

The not-so-obvious sign that twitter’s about to go mainstream is that the really smart people are so bored with it they are messing with the concept. This week has seen Hugh making the ultimate sacrifice and fairly swift resurrection. It’s also seen Andrew Baron trying to sell his account & followers on e-Bay (although he’s now deleted the auction) These are the kinds of one-offs that can’t be replicated, but hopefully will inspire some more interesting activity – Mark, how do you describe this sort of copying behaviour?

At the same time, it is becoming more and more like the playground with bullies and victims finding each other very easily. It’s a good job there are some grown-ups keeping things sensible. pfffft!

We’re trying to get the next couple of months of the Tuttle prototype settled with sponsorship – £300-£500 gets you fame and geek gratitude for a week, but on the basis that it’s often easier to raise a lot of money than just a little – you could book say the first (or second, or third…) Friday of the next three months for £1500. Helen’s done some work on polishing the value proposition for sponsors – go take a look and if you or your clients would like to play, you know where I am.

The Tuttle Breakfast next Wednesday sold out in a matter of days and now has a waiting list of 13 people. We’ll do more. Post your ideas for sessions on the wiki – we’ve already loads – I particularly like Mike & Mecca’s suggestions that we need to break out of the echo chamber – I’m hoping that Wednesday will fulfill some of that.

I went to MeasurementCamp last week – I’m still feeling uneasy about it. I just know that with hindsight if I was back where I was 12 years ago, with hindsight I wouldn’t have put so much effort into measuring public services. Or maybe I would, but would try to find ways of balancing the hard and the soft better. Social Media metrics enable and encourage gaming in place of authenticity but when you say it like that it sounds awful pompous and spoilsporty.

I still need more work and somewhere to live from 18th May. Shortest paragraph – greatest headspace. HALP pls kthxbye.


I’ve been talking to the nice people at Wrapid on the corner of D’Arblay & Brewer Street about doing some social media stuff – they’re not quite ready for the full-on Lloyd treatment, but they just shared this promo with me and I thought I’d pass it on to you.

So if you’re in Soho before April 15th and up for something to munch on, take this voucher along to the store and you can get a lovely fresh wrap with a choice of exotic fillings for £2.99 – which is, I’m helpfully told, up to £1.26 (just less than a third) off.

It has something to do with I Love Soho – though what that is – beyond a big bundle of Flash, I’m not entirely sure myself yet.

Oh, and they seem to be infinitely replicable, so do pass them on…

Let me know, if you go for it, what you think of the grub.