Fashion Business Club

I got an invite to this from Alison.  Very hush hush and exclusive – secret location in W1 – cross my heart and hope to die if I tell you anything about it at all other than that about twenty effortlessly stylish (ok, one or two, not so effortless) young things from London’s fashion world squished into a private members club with some icy bottles of Ty Nant to meet, mingle and chat about their worlds, their businesses and the marketing thereof.  No pictures from me, but Terry was snapping away all the way through – if pictures emerge for public consumption, I’ll let you know.

Overall learning point for me is the similarities between marketing all of these lifestyle brands and products – fashion, music, alcohol, theatre etc and the need to have talking points to get the conversation started.  I’ll get on and make some ooze then.

See how this goes

Well, I’ve been without access to my blog (and more importantly, so have YOU!) for more than a week now.  I’m not impressed by UK2’s service basically leaving a “maintenance page” up, not really responding to the service ticket I raised beyond acknowledging it.  Now this morning, I got a 403 error when trying to get to so I’ve taken the plunge and redirected to this place for the time being.  (even the redirect doesn’t work properly)  This is a shame as I’ve had at least two years of uninterrupted service from them so far, but when it goes pear-shaped it turns out to be avocado.  Yuk!

The things you find…

pavement rubbishOn my way to get some lunch today, I came past an office on the corner of Rochester Row and Emery Hill Street that was clearing stuff out, boxes, box files, lever arch files, bits of computer kit. A guy in front of me went in and asked if the pile of stuff on the pavement was alright to take away and he was told yes. I toddled off towards Sainsbury’s on Victoria Street.

On the way back, quite a crowd had gathered, it was like a rummage sale on the pavement. I half expected in this heat for a little fight to break out over who was going to get the banana yellow lever arch file – but that sort of thing only happens inside offices. People are much more polite in the street. I already had my hands full with my lunch. But I couldn’t walk past without having a quick look and settled on this square cut tile of some sort. The colours caught my eye more than anything. It’s much prettier in real life than it looks in the picture here.

Audio blog 4th July 2006

Chapter StreetThis morning’s offering is still 12 minutes, but felt shorter. There must be a message in there somewhere.

A day of tying up loose ends before retreating for a few days of reflection and head-cleaning. Today I mention the portfolio blog which will hopefully get fatter today if I get around to it. The trouble with these blogs is they’re so easy to set up I keep starting new ones

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All shiny and new again


Originally uploaded by Lloyd Davis.

So after much mithering and slothful procrastination, I got round to upgrading to MT 3.2 this weekend. The top motivation was to re-enable my lovely friends to comment easily as this has been increasingly difficult over the last few months. The spam was getting through, but friends were not – and this isn’t how it’s supposed to work.

Hopefully things can start buzzing again now – do let me know (as if you wouldn’t) if you get shut out by the spaminator.